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BC Lifestyle Events was set up so there could be a place for local and online businesses to be in a non competitive space, offering their products and services which benefited the lifestyle of the attending public. So many businesses exist out there which NEVER get brought to the attention of YOU the “man in the street”, so we at BCLE HQ aim to change this, so youre able to access and be made aware of, all that there is on your doorstep, or the tips of your fingers! (online) We like to make these events accessible to EVERYONE, not just a certain sector of the public as we feel everyone should have access to the latest products and services out there which could enhance your life.

Why BC Lifestyle Events?

Having been in amongst events and networking with local businesses for the last 20 years, BC Lifestyle Events came about as a result of common feedback from people both in business and those attending events. The general feeling was that, for the business owner, events were too expensive to exhibit at (which is a problem if you’re just starting out) and you weren’t always given the right support or guidance for best practice and how to “present yourself” on the day, often being told it was just a case of “having business cards and a pop up banner!” Then the common findings with those attending was, that it was “always the same stuff” and “not much variety” on offer for us as a visitor. So, the challenge was set!..

Look whose headlining at our next event May18th 2019!


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The Roundhouse, Pride Park, Derby



Thanks to ALL our sponsors for making these events possible AND more economical to put on!