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Who are we?

My name is Buckso and I’m an Actor, Confidence Coach and Mindset Mentor based in the Midlands. BC Lifestyle Events came about because, as someone who networked extensively, I felt there was a need for an event that promoted and encouraged collaboration, not competition with a commitment to maintaining an ethos, of a positive mindset. Most of the people I spoke to had concerns of being ‘one of five’ similar businesses in a room of networkers and that would ‘make it difficult’ to do business. So the aim, going forward, is to create a non-competitive, collaborative event environment for local or online companies within Derbyshire and the East Midlands and really focus on having quality businesses there for the attending public, raising awareness to what is in the area. I found that a LOT of companies were just NOT on the radar of the paying public due to poor marketing which, for a new business at the very least, is paramount in getting right.



Previous events have attracted visitors from all walks of life who are interested in getting the most OUT of life, enjoying the finer things and how to make use of their hard-earned cash. They understand the importance of living life to the fullest and getting the balance JUST right! Whether their interests lie in travel, food, home, health, quirky hobbies or cars, there will be something for everyone!



I think collaboration creates profit and together we DO achieve more, so why not make that happen! I believe in helping people create the lifestyle they desire and giving them access to the tools they need so they’re able to make those changes. I like to think the events inspire and drive the need to change for the better and im happy to work with forward-thinking partners that feel the same way.


Videos From Past Events

Watch this short video to find out what happened at our September event.



Thanks to ALL our sponsors for making these events possible AND more economical to put on!